The Stage in The Back

Any major city around the world is proud of its art scene. Bustling performances advertised on recognizable posters are overflowing the city: Operas, Theaters, Concerts… Like on a conveyer belt, they bring back the images from memory as one walks the busy streets; musicians, dancers, actors; costumes, scenography, choreography; glamour, lights, suites and long dresses; awes, admiration and applause!

The magic starts by entering one of these magnificent places. Centuries-old architecture, red carpets, marble, gold, comfy plush chairs… the murmur of voices, the glances across the rows of seats, the rustling of programs… The light dims, the silence becomes breathable, the thick read curtain heavier and heavier… the enchantment is about to happen… Musicians, dancers, actors; costumes, scenography, choreography; awes, admiration, applause! Brava, Bravo!

As we leave the magnificent imaginary worlds behind, we gather our coats and thoughts and slowly exit into the dark nights, we take our joy and excitement, positive energy, the feeling of satisfaction. We remember the performers, we mumble the favourite tune or recite the famous quotes. But we seldom think what is behind the scene, behind the music, behind the masks; practice, sweat, injuries; determination, disappointment, tears; awes, admiration, applause; practice, sweat, injuries… Who are these people and who helps them make all this happen, the dancing and singing instructors, the tailors, carpenters, make-up artists, floor sweepers, light operators… the immense amount of hands that give their best performance so that we can leave these places of art transformed, richer and more joyous.

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