Srebrenica Today

20 years after the Srebrenica genocide in 1995, the exhibition Srebrenica Today is a visual portrait of the town, people, industry, agriculture. These moments of everyday life show the potential that this town has, the positive developments and hopes for the future that spark underneath some still existing political and personal conflicts. This exhibition shows, on the example of Srebrenica, the new, young generation growing up in Bosnia, that wants to have a normal life, and is ready to fight for it, peacefully through political protests, or through positive cultural, music and art actions all around the country. Srebrenica Today shows that underneath all these problems this positive spark gives hope, and that if nurtured, it will create a better future for all!


On the example of Srebrenica, this project aims to show the situation in the whole of Bosnia, as well as in the whole of Europe, thus Srebrenica Today stands as one part for the whole.




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